Malhar Medley 

A 'Medley' of the best things in life

About Medley

Medley is a single layout with 4 distinct home-types within it: Townhouses, Apartments, Villaments and Walk-up homes. These houses were designed with the insights gained from our engagement with the previous Malhar communities. Our residents shared certain needs that were very real from their perspective which, for us, was an opportunity to adapt our architectural experience to new kinds of homes. For example, the possibility for a home that could be, at the same time, separate yet connected for a family of grandparents, working children and grandchildren. Or, a compact home without taking away the spaciousness of the garden within. Or, apartments that could nurture a deep sense of community and involvement with nature. With Medley, we are proud to have been able to synthesise these distinct requirements into a unified space. Despite this variety, every home in Medley is designed with a sensitivity to the light, air and the evolving greenery that surrounds it and the balance of private and community spaces that is central to GoodEarth’s ethos.


Town Houses

The Medley Townhouses have rear and front gardens that are designed to complement the verandahs and built spaces. This creates a seamless flow of light and air, like the ‘aangans’ of traditional homes.

The space inside the Townhouses flow seamlessly from the entrance verandah, through the living and dining areas, to the rear verandah and then into the rear garden, creating a smooth, unhindered flow of space within the house.


Villaments are compact units, about 1000 sq ft. with a large backyard garden. The gardens in these homes measure about 500-600 sq ft., about the same as the gardens in the Townhouses, and is central to the home’s living space. Inner spaces flow into one another and open into the well-lit garden providing a sense of light and space. Yet, the area inside the home is compact enough for easy maintenance.

Walk-up Homes

The two duplex floors above the Villaments are ‘Walk-up homes’, a familiar South-Karnataka concept, where the top floors have a separate external entrance. It will have the living, dining and a bedroom in the lower floor and bedrooms and family space on the upper floor. The design and orientation of the entrance verandah, terrace gardens and balcony spaces ensure that these homes feel well connected to the green spaces and pathways below.


The Medley Apartments feature a central sky-lit atrium to enrich the space outside the homes. Medley apartments feature 2 /3-bedroom units with individual terrace gardens. The living and dining spaces extend into a verandah which act as a transitional area to the terrace garden outside. This orientation as well as the use of
bay windows and French windows allow plenty of light and air into the apartments.


At the centre of sporting and leisure activities at Malhar is confluence club available on membership supporting a wide range of indoor and outdoor games. It offers facilities for sports and leisure: there’s a large playing-field, swimming pool, badminton/squash courts, well equipped gym, cafe and accommodation for guests.


At GoodEarth, our 30 years of work in architectural developments is not just ours. But of a community of skilled and talented people and their ideas and vision to create something out of the ordinary. These are architects, designers, drafts persons, crafts people, masons and they are all drawn together because of their passion for their craft. From identifying land to envisioning its development, everything has an organic and highly involved process to it how we build our eco-communities is a spontaneous expression of this philosophy. This also means we are just as engaged with the people for whom we build homes and communities. Every new project is a realisation of insights and feedback received from our earlier ones. Driven by sustainability goals, we are focussed on pioneering architectural innovations and bringing in new ways of looking at how development can be achieved without harming the environment. Through our efforts, we aspire to be one of the leaders in green businesses in India and inspire change in the way people live.



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